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Thursday 21 December 2017

Carrageenan Indonesia Very Good Quality Product

All food factory owners should be more informed about carrageenan Indonesia product as this product has very good quality. You surely already know about the fact that there is a lot of food product which has carrageenan inside the components. Especially, because this component has really helps the food factory owners in creating their product. So if your food factory also wants to get that help then you surely need to get it from the manufacturer in Indonesia. Especially since this country is known for their product that has very good quality which will surely make your product also have very good quality as well.

Best carrageenan Indonesia Production
If you have not know yet, the carrageenan Indonesia product is a special product, which able to make the food becomes thick, gel and stabile when mixed with it. This is only possible because this product has ability that makes it able to bind itself with the protein component inside the food item. That is the reason why this product which produced in Indonesia is used in many food items which made from meat as well as milk.
You already know that food item which made from meat as well as milk are contains a lot of protein component. So when that food item is made with addition of the carrageenan in the component, then it will be thicker although it does not contain too much protein component inside. Thus by putting this component inside the food item, then you can reduce the amount of other protein component inside. But you should not have to be afraid since the result of the food item will still have similar texture, thickness as well as appearance as it should be.
So those are the reasons why many food factories want to use carrageenan Indonesia product in their component since they can still create the same quality food item although the protein component is reduced. By doing this then they is also able to reduce the price of the food item at the same time, so it will become cheaper. With cheaper price, then the food item can reach bigger market range as more people can afford its price. So with more sales, the food factories are also able to gain more revenues. That is why; having the carrageenan product with very good quality is an important part of your factory success.
Surely you also interested in knowing more about the production process of carrageenan Indonesia product since it can be created in very good quality. You might not know that the carrageenan is actually created using red family of seaweed as the ingredient. So when the manufacturer in Indonesia wants to make this carrageenan they will need to have enough amount of seaweed as the ingredient. So the manufacturer will contact some farmer to farm it for their factory.
The farming process is done by the farmer on the sea area as the seaweed needs to grow under the sea water. On the sea you will see several sticks made using bamboo which floats above the water. Then on this sticks there are plenty of strings attached to it which made from nylon material. That strings will be planted deep under the water at around 2 meter depth as it is the most suitable depth for the red family seaweed to grow. It will need around three other months until the red family seaweed is able to be harvested. When the farmers already harvest it, then it will be dried first before sent it to the carrageenan Indonesia factory.
The red family seaweed which sent to the factory will then be ground; to be sifted and then wash so all dirt can be throw out. Then it will be boiled using alkali solution which will form the carrageenan component together with cellulose component from the inside of the ingredient. Then it will be process further mechanically in order to remove the cellulose from inside the ingredient. Last is to evaporate leftover liquid then grind the remains into powder to create the carrageenan Indonesia product with very good quality. Knowing those processes, now you can be sure to use the product from Indonesia to be used in your food factory as their product truly have very good quality.

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