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Sunday 7 January 2018

Fresh Tuna Loin Selection over Canned Tuna

Tuna can be processed into many shapes including tuna loin. Usually people buy frozen tuna loin when they think they do not want to use the meat in the day they buying it. Although fresh tuna loin is sometime better especially if you plan to make certain dish like sushi. The freshest the tuna fish is then the better.
As for the canned tuna, it is cost effective and many said it is the most convenient way to go when you want to eat fish. However, is canned tuna really good compared than fresh tuna in loin shape? Let’s find out by comparing some points today.

Fresh tuna loin vs canned tuna product
Let’s be logic, canned tuna is already cooked and then preserved with oils. This is means you will eat good amount of unnecessary materials from the preservation substance unlike tuna loin. Not to mention, tuna in cans sometime got some additional substances to bring more delicious flavor or taste.
In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids contained in the fresh tuna loin product is higher than canned tuna. 100 gram of fresh tuna serving size offers about 1,298 mg of omega-3 fatty acids compared with 279 mg of fatty acids in every 100 gram of canned tuna per serving. This is also goes to the vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin B12.
In conclusion, if you want to have healthier tuna meal, then choose fresh tuna fish or loin if you do not want to clean and gutted the fish on your own. But, if somehow you cannot find any fresh tuna fish or loin, it is okay to buy the seafood in frozen state. Both of there is healthy and have nice texture plus taste. There is nothing wrong buying seafood in frozen condition if you know how to thaw them properly.
Although fresh tuna loin is a better selection than canned tuna, but both of the products are:
-          Both fresh tuna and canned tuna have low amount of sodium and saturated fat.
-          Both fresh tuna and canned tuna are good source of a lot of healthy nutrition such as vitamin B3, vitamin B12, protein, selenium. As for fresh tuna in loin, Bluefin tuna is a really great source of vitamin A.
-          Both fresh tuna and canned tuna are good source of omega-3 fatty acids, although the fresh one has more contain than tuna in cans.
The omega-3 fatty acids are good for cardiovascular health and it is also recommended that women in pregnant or breastfeeding state consume omega-3 fatty acids since the fat can help the development of baby’s nervous system. Furthermore, the selenium contained in tuna is good to act as antioxidant that can fight against free radicals which can damage cells. Free radicals also contribute to cancer, cardiovascular disease, as well as cognitive decline.
There are many essential nutrients inside tuna meat that good for human body. Although there is one note that you need to pay attention is about the amount of the tuna you can eat each week. For women who are pregnant or kids, you cannot eat more than four cans of tuna each week due to the high level of mercury. This is also the same with tuna loin; you need to limit the amount of tuna meat when you eat them.
If you want to have other experience for the meals, other fish that are good source for omega-3 fatty acid aside tuna are sardine, salmon, and mackerel. They are excellent choice to have as well. You can enjoy them in cans too, as for salmon you can get salmon fillets.
How you can tell which tuna loin is fresh?
Okay, so you maybe want to buy Indonesia fresh tuna loin in fish market or grocery stores near your area, but somehow you are still confuse to pick one out of so many that are the freshest and not previously frozen.
This is particularly important when you open seafood restaurant that serve fresh tuna. Most of people judge a book by its cover by looking for the tuna loin based on their appearance only. Many think that the bright and dark red tuna meat is the freshest tuna loin. However, there is some practice using carbon monoxide or CO2 which being used to make the old tuna loin appears just like new! So please be careful when choosing then buying the tuna loin.
What you can do if you cannot thrust the appearance of the tuna loin meat anymore? How you can choose the best quality fresh tuna loin then? You can use your nose as the best weapon to tell whether the tuna loin is fresh or not!
You need to check and judge the tuna by its texture, taste, and the smell. The smell of the tuna meat should be pleasant without dull or bad odor. The texture of the meat should be firm and in addition, if the tuna meat turns chocolate then it is a normal reaction when the lean protein coming into contact with oxygen.
As for your information, there is nothing wrong with tuna loin that appear slightly chocolate since it is natural color just like yellowfin tuna. The only reason of why many markets do not want to sell such tuna is that because many people is already so used with CO2 treated tuna that appears bright and dark read in color and thus the market forced to keep selling those kind of tuna. And that’s why the next time you want to purchase tuna in any forms, go with the quality instead of the appearance only because sometime the appearance cannot tell the truth behind it.
You also need to find trusted fresh tuna loin supplier that willingly to tell you the truth about the origin of the tuna and how they processed it. Take a supplier or manufacturer which has nice service and great track records; they should be able to sell you some premium tuna loin. I know it needs some effort to get good supplier, but once you find them, it is all worth it.

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