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Monday 22 January 2018

Canned Tuna Manufacturers Vietnam as Supplier for Supermarket

Demand for canned tuna product is very high in any supermarket. Especially since this product is very popular among young people who want to have good food. That is why; if you have a supermarket then you surely need to be in contact with canned tuna manufacturers Vietnam as your product supplier. The tuna fish itself is very nutritious, but it will be difficult and time consuming to cook it from scratch. Especially for young people who want to eat good food without having to do hard work. Thus canned tuna product is the solution that they use to cope with this problem.

Supermarket using Canned Tuna Manufacturers Vietnam Product

This is the reason why the popularity of canned tuna product is increased these days. Now the one that bought this product is not only mothers who want to give nutritious food to their children but also youngster. Today people want to eat good food and stay healthy at the same time. Both are offered by canned tuna product as it is delicious and nutritious at the same time. Furthermore, it is also popular in youngster as diet food as the tuna fish only give little calories but also give lots of protein in the same time. This is why; the youngster loves this food as much as the mothers.
But for you as the supermarket owner, the problem that you need to face is on how you can provide good canned tuna product for your customer. Especially since the youngster nowadays want to get their hands on product with good quality. If you cannot provide product that has good quality then you might lose some of your customer. This is why; you need to be in contact with good canned tuna manufacturers Vietnam to ensure that their product is good too.
But to know which manufacturers that is good or not is not an easy thing to do. Especially, when you do not have any knowledge about canned tuna manufacturing. Thus it is important for you to know more about the manufacturing process of this product so you can know which manufacturer that is good or not. Do not worry as we have gathered all information that you need here so you can learn them all right away.
First of all the manufacturer will purchase the tuna fish which they will receive in frozen bin to ensure their quality. Then it will be taken inside the factory to be separated into their correct size through the sizing method. In this method, the tuna fish from the frozen bin will be dropped into belt conveyor which will take them to shaker machine. This machine job is to separate them according to their sizing then bring them to two types of process as the next process done by canned tuna manufacturers Vietnam.
The first type of process is for the large tuna fish which weights are over ten kilos. In this process they will be cleaned completely then cut to fit the other processing that they will need to go through afterwards. Meanwhile the second type is for the smaller tuna fish which weights are less than ten kilos. In this process they will only be cleaned as their size are already suitable to go through the other processing after this processing.
Once all of those types of process are done, then the tuna fish is ready to be cooked. Especially since the product is a pre cooked product, this means that the product need to be pre cooked beforehand. The cooking process will be done using giant steaming machine. In this machine the cooking will be done using steam inside high pressure condition. Thus this will make the tuna meat become tender and still juicy at the same time.
Once the cooking process is done, then it is time for the canned tuna manufacturers Vietnam to pack their product. The packing process cannot be done carelessly as the product need to be sterile. Thus it will be done using advanced machinery. This machinery will be able to fill the tuna can with the right amount of tuna filling each time. And since it is done automatically then it will still be sterile.
Then after the tuna can is filled with tuna meat, it still needs to be filled using the liquid. Usually the liquid is either brine or oil according to the product that the manufacturers like to product at that time. This process is also done using automatic machine since the machine will be able to leave the right headspace left on the tuna can.
Now that all of the filling is done then it is time to close the tuna can. This process is also done using automatic machine since it will need to remove any air left on the tuna can then close it completely. Through this process, then the tuna meat left inside the can will be maintained. Thus it needs to be done using high tech machinery which able to close the tuna can tightly in short duration.
These are the standard processes which usually done by canned tuna manufacturers Vietnam. The next process that the manufacturer usually does to their product is to put the label needed on the product to give information to the buyers. Some manufacturer actually able to put private label on their product as service. Thus you will be able to make canned tuna product with your own supermarket label name.
Once those processes are done and the labeling also done, then the product can be sent into your supermarket location. Since the canned tuna manufacturers Vietnam location is in Southeast Asia and your supermarket might not be in near location. Then you might need to wait for some time until they are arrived in your supermarket location. But once they arrived then you can start to sell them to your customer. You may also want to check whether their product has high quality or not once you received their product. If they are made using the right process then most likely it will be good.

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